Friday, May 10, 2013

21 DSD -- Day 5

Day 5
Today was good: no sugar cravings, no headache.
8:30 am
Omelet -- 2 eggs, veggie-infused sausage, spinach, tomatoes, coconut oil
1/2 Sweet Potato with Butter & 1/2 Avocado
2:00 pm
Leftover Ox-Tail Stew
(homemade bone-broth)
BIG bowl of cauliflower w/ butter
1/2 Sweet Potato w/ butter
Carrots & Cucumbers
Homemade Chicken-Salad
(with Sarah Fragoso's homemade mayo)
(so easy and so cheap -- and no soybean oil!)
10:00 pm
10 oz steak, onions & green bell peppers
whole sweet potato w/butter
Steak is still in the oven -- it was a little too pink!
For dinner, we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my Dad's 50th birthday.  I knew this was going to be a challenge because I usually pig out on chips and queso dip.  And sweet tea.  I planned ahead and made chicken salad to eat before going there so that I would not be very hungry right when we arrived.  I also just made my mind up that I was going to stick to the 21 DSD. 
I was worried about being tempted by the cake, though.  It was from Publix and they have the BEST cakes.  However, my baby helped me with that problem because he got fussy and we had to leave before the cake was brought out.  Temptation avoided.
I had ordered a steak with peppers & onions, but I left before it came out.  My parents brought it to me just a while ago, that is why dinner is so late tonight.
Also, I had my first taste of fruit today!  The 21DSD recommends a green apple or a green-tipped banana everyday.  I wanted to go at least 3 days without any sugar at all just to get my body acclimated.  Today I ate a few slices of an apple, and it was SOO good.  It did taste sweeter than usual.  Not sure if that's due to the sugar detox or to the fact that it was a local, organic apple and I usually just get regular apples. 
Good Night!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!


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