Tuesday, May 7, 2013

21 Day Sugar Detox

Yesterday, I began the 21 Day Sugar Detox led by Dianne Sanfilippo over at Balanced Bites.   I love Dianne, she is chock full of useful info regarding health and nutrition.  She and Liz Wolf (Cavegirl Eats) have a podcast that I listen to a lot, and I always hear them talking about Dianne's program, the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I thought about doing it a few months ago, but decided not to.  I didn't want to pay the $21
for the kit because I don't eat that much sugar.  Or so I thought...  Fast forward to this past Sunday when I decided to fork out the $21 and start the program. 

More Sugarrrrr!
Over the last few weeks, I have been allowing myself more and more treats.  Sugary treats.  To the point that I was eating some kind of candy/chocolate nearly every day.  It started off innoculous enough with a Trader Joe's 75% Cacoa chocolate bar.  Then, I made brownies with fudge icing and ate half the dish in one night.  Then my grandma came to town and brought her famous sugar cookies and I decided to have one... or seven.  Then I made more brownies and ate half the dish while skyping with my husband.  Then I bought a few bags of chocolate chips and at them all within a week.  Then I made more brownies... you get the idea.

Unfortunately, I think I am addicted to sugar.  I can't just have a little bit like some people can.  I have realized that I cannot rely on my own will-power at this point.  I must completely eliminate sugar long enough to let my body re-group.  I hate the way I feel after I binge on sugar, or even after I eat just a little.  I feel sluggish and lethargic.  I have no energy or motivation the rest of the day. 

So anyway, yesterday was my first day.  It went fine.  I am used to eating pretty clean (other than my increasingly prevalent "treats"). 

However, in the middle of the night I woke up with a headache.  The headache stayed around all day today.  I guess I am more dependent on sugar than I thought.  Though I don't typically eat candy/chocolate everyday, I do usually have a couple servings of fruit everyday.  And raisins.  I love raisins.   I'm really hoping this headache goes away by the morning. 

Hopefully I can stick it out all 21 days.  I really need to do this as a way to reset my body.  I have fooled myself into thinking that I am healthy because I follow a predominately "Paleo" template.  I have been following the 80/20 rule (although sometimes it's more like 70/30), but I want it to be more like 95/5 (95% clean eating, 5% treats).  And I want the 5% of treats to be a healthier kind of treat.  No more binging on brownies! 

I will try to log my progress on the blog.  I will also take before/after pictures to see if there's any change in body composition. 

Thanks for reading!

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