Wednesday, May 8, 2013

21 DSD -- Daily Updates

- DAY 1 -
May 6, 2013
Day 1 was fairly easy.  I had a few sugar cravings, but nothing too bad.  Not much to say about Day 1.
- DAY 2 -
Day 2 was really hard.  I woke up with a headache that would not go away!  Sugar withdrawals, I guess.  All day, I just felt unsatisfied.  I just wanted something to eat, but couldn't put my finger on what it was.  I guess I just wanted to munch and snack.  This was a bad day for me, I hated feeling that way.
- DAY 3 -
Day 3 (today) was actually really good!  I got a good night's rest, which is rare in my house.  I woke up raring to go, and my headache was GONE! Yay!  I have had hardly any sugar cravings.  Right after lunch and right after dinner, I had the urge to grab something sweet.  Old habits die hard.  But once I ignored the craving and got busy doing other stuff, I forgot about it. 
I also had a ton of energy today.  We went on a long walk around town this morning.  Then after we finished school work, we went on another walk about twice as long as the first.  After that, I just felt like I had a surplus of energy that I needed to get out, so I did a quick work-out while the baby napped in the stroller.  It was a nice day. 


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