Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something's wrong with this picture . . .

Yep. It's official. I have lost my ever-lovin' mind.

For the last month or so, I have been studying 6-8 hours a day. All that studying just isn't good for my sanity.

Today, I studied on the front porch because the weather was awesome! I took a break mid-morning and went inside to get a snack. When I came back to start studying, I reached for my highlighter, but instead found... toothpaste.


I do not remember bringing it out on to the porch. I have no idea when or why I brought it out there. I guess I unconsciously grabbed it on my way out of the bathroom thinking it was a highlighter.



  1. When you pass the bar and others don't, you can say "It must have been the toothpaste."